Dr. Ming Yang, SREG Leader

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Nazarbayev University

email: ming.yang@nu.edu.kz 

Dr. Yang’s research involves using modeling methods to create innovative and effective solutions to engineering environmental and safety problems. Much of his work focuses on development of quantitative and qualitative approaches for environmental, risk, and safety management for oil and gas operations. 

Dr. Yang aims to establish a collaborative research program in process environmental and safety engineering for oil and gas operations. The challenges of environmental, safety and integrity management of oil and gas operations arise from technological, economic, and environmental constraints. It requires a focused multidisciplinary approach to identify, understand, assess and evaluate challenges, and to develop appropriate safe and economical solutions. The proposed research program will contribute towards the advancements of knowledge, technology, and training in multidisciplinary areas such as process safety, occupational safety and environmental management of operations in any subsections of oil and gas or other energy industries.

Dr. Yang joined the School of Engineering at Nazarbayev University in March 2017. After graduation from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dr. Yang worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Centre for Risk, Integrity, and Safety Engineering led by Prof. Faisal Khan (Canada Research Chair, Tier 1 in Process Safety Engineering). Since 2012, Dr. Yang has been course instructors of varieties of undergraduate and graduate courses related to safety and risk engineering and environmental management, which includes Safety and Risk Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Probabilistic Methods in Engineering, Sustainable Engineering in Process Industries, Pollution Prevention, Industrial Pollution Control, etc. As a subject team leader, Dr. Yang has been participated in the projects, which include:

  • Environmental management for offshore oil and gas (OOG) operations (Project title: Development of A Novel Integrated Safety and Environmental Management System for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations, funded by NSERC through STPGP program 2006-2008);
  • Risk-based winterization of vessels operating in Arctic environments (Project title: Risk-based Winterization Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations in Arctic Environments, funded by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), 2011-2012);
  • Dynamic risk and safety management for process operations (Project title: Development of Dynamic Operational Risk Management Tool for Processing System, funded by NSERC through CRD program);
  • Oil spill accident modeling in Arctic environments (Project title: Scenario based Risk Management for Arctic Shipping and Operations, funded by Lloyd’s Register, 2013-2017);
  • Marine transportation risk assessment for Arctic shipping (funded by Lloyd’s Register, 2016)
  • Risk management of Technically Enhanced Naturally Occurred Radioactive Material (TENORM) wastes in oil and gas operations.
  • Risk-based inspection and maintenance of offshore facilities in harsh cold environment (funded by NU Social Policy Grant 2017-2018)

Dr. Yang is a frequently invited reviewer of some well-known journals related to Safety and Risk Engineering, which include:

  • Risk Analysis (SRE)
  • Reliability Engineering and System Safety
  • Process Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Safety Science
  • Journal of Hazardous Materials
  • Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries and etc.  

Dr. Yang teaches courses covering a wide range of topics in the field of environmental, safety, and sustainability engineering. The courses are Safety and Risk Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Occupational Safety, Environmental Risk Assessment, Probabilistic Methods, Sustainable Engineering in Process Industries, Industrial Pollution Control, Pollution Prevention, Process Control and Dynamics and Etc. 

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ming_Yang27

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=9gCP60wAAAAJ&hl=en

Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=56293326500

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